Tereza was born in the capital city of Prague, Czech Republic. She moved to Canada at the age of 5 and began modelling at the age of 14. Tereza has competed in multiple pageants everywhere from Malaysia to Taiwan, and is currently managing her own modelling career.

In addition to modelling, Tereza is also a hospice care nurse providing vital care for patients. Tereza aspires to give acting a whirl as well as returning to school for a degree in interior design. In her spare time, she enjoys quality time with her husband, cooking, dancing and travelling the globe.

Tereza’s favourite artists are David Guetta, Teisto and Benny Benassi, and she’s not shy to hit the dance floor. Tereza is a firm believer in Karma and tries her best to be a good person and do good for others.

Congratulations Tereza, you’re our Hometown Hottie!


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